This is a question that many people are pondering right now, specifically because (perhaps only because) budgets matter.  I get that.  In fact, I’d say that budgets matter A LOT.  That’s a notion that’s not lost on us here at Nomatic, and is one of the driving forces as to why we even exist as a company.

So, why lithium?  Because budgets matter.

Queue the eye rolls...no don’t.  

We all understand the value proposition in the marketplace today.  Not all batteries are created equal.  Some have inherent value that others, by the nature of their technology, can’t have.  

So, why lithium?  Longevity.  Capacity.  Mobility.  Usability. 

Longevity: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries, like the Nomatic 4-Packhave a longevity that’s been unattainable to the general consumer to this point.  Our prismatic battery cells are rated to withstand 3,000+ recharge cycles before it sees a meaningful drop in productivity.  That means you can feasibly drain your battery and recharge it every day for over 8 years...and then the battery isn’t useless, you’re just going to see slow decline capacity.  By comparison, most AGM or lead acid batteries are rated to 500 recharge cycles.  So, lithium has 8-10 times the longevity of a similarly sized AGM or lead acid battery unit.

Capacity:  Lithium batteries are designed to be used...all the way.  If you get a 100 amp hour lithium battery, you can expect to use 100 amp hours without risk of damaging the battery.  By comparison, AGM and lead acid batteries can be damaged if you drain them beyond 50%.  So, the 100AH AGM/Lead Acid battery really only has 50AH of useful power per charge.  To get the same useful capacity, you’d need to double the size of your AGM/Lead Acid battery.

Mobility:  Speaking of size, lithium batteries are significantly smaller than their AGM and lead acid counterparts.  A Nomatic 100AH Nicolet Power System weighs 27 lbs.  Its AGM counterpart is 77.8 lbs.  Yes, that’s almost 300% heavier...and keep in mind that you need two to generate the same capacity.  

Usability:  Lithium batteries can charge incredibly fast compared to their lead acid and AGM counterparts.  We’re not naive enough to preach that they charge fully in the blink of an eye, but lithium has the ability to be recharged during a long lunch as opposed to overnight.  This is all dependent on the methods and means of recharge, but having the option - or option to upgrade down the road depending on need - certainly is nice. 

So, why lithium?  Because budgets matter, and there’s value in a product that lasts longer, works harder, doesn’t need to be team-carried, and can charge quickly.

At the end of the day, our Nicolet Power System will outlast and outperform any AGM/Lead Acid battery on the market, guaranteed.  Please let us know if we can be of assistance.



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jack hughes

I have a solar panel do i need to change anything if i replace with lithium or will it charge with current wiring of the lead acid battery.
jack crested butte co.

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