Nicolet Power System /w Bluetooth BMS

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Available in a 100 or 200 amp hour configuration, each 100 amp hour pack contains four 3.2 volt, A-grade prismatic LiFoPo4 cells which are housed in a heavy duty steel cage to make mounting simple and effortless.  If the cage doesn’t fit your spatial needs, it can be removed and the cells can be reconfigured for maximum versatility of the power system.  

Want to know how long this battery pack will last while out in the wild?  Check out our Personal Power Predictor.

The NPS comes standard with a Battery Management System that is fully programmable via Bluetooth, including a Low Temperature Charging Cutoff to facilitate remote monitoring and configuration from your smart device.  The BMS can handle up to 120amps of continuous load.

Each individual cell is load tested and balanced from the factory, and is rated for 3,000-5,000 recharge cycles before seeing a notable decline in capacity.  These cells are used extensively in industrial applications around the world and are capable of powering your off-grid adventures for the long haul.  

Specifications:  26.4 pounds (including mounting cage);  Dimensions: See Image below

Download the iPhone or Android  App for advanced performance monitoring features.