About Us

Nomatic Supply Co. was founded by two friends who share a love of the outdoors, and have a constant longing to escape suburbia to enjoy intentional time with family and friends in nature.  It became apparent, through several of these trips, that camping was outside the comfort zone for a lot of our loved ones, and we spent a great deal of time and resources trying to create a safe, fun experience for our wives, children, and friends through the use of gadgets and technology.  For us, that meant that camping trips needed sufficient power, not only for traditional items like lighting, but also for cell phone charging, refrigeration, and even climate control...not to mention an absurd amount of cooking apparatuses.

Through these trips we realized that we had the ability to facilitate joy through the gift of experiencing nature where it would otherwise be overwhelming or scary.  Perhaps technology is a crutch, or perhaps it’s a conduit to generate a fascination and make people want to try new things.  Either way, it’s brought our friends and families closer together.

Our goal at Nomatic is to facilitate that same joy for those we work with.  We want to partner with our customers to be an inspiration to get outside, and to provide the means to make your situation comfortable and unique.  We hope this will ultimately lead to deeper relationships and lasting memories.  

Thank you very much for checking out our site.  Please let us know how we can partner with you.


Mark & AJ